Сummings Kalterm 5.0.0

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Сummings Kalterm 5.0.0 (арт. 4579369)

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No KG .
Calterm is to address below DCR, New product support, New features.
Product support:
Contains PMD 2.2.6.
New Product IDs : BMT, BMV, K40, K41, BMX
New Features: 
Open Module UI improvement to support CSAR E-phase and ASAM3
Different Datalink Setting option now can be saved
Connecting to ECM in one click via connection file
Mandatory SNR improvement (ECM, TIS, Application MSNR)
Hex file offline feature -edit, compare, document, overlay
ASAM3 feature added (Requires ASAM3 feature selected in Calterm license)
CDFX file read/write/export
CSV file read/write/export
IUPR logging file header improvement
Unit Conversion for Overlay process
DTC fault for CSAR
XCP-support for CSAR
5 digit fault code (or any number of digits)
Significant DCRs:
4001958  Modify hashing algo for calterm to be FIPS compliance
4001958  Modify hashing algo for calterm to be FIPS compliance
3998851  Add new license option for ASAM server feature
3935553  Add Support for Open HexFile and Manual Module in Tools -> Option -> AutoStart
3933726  Implement Read DTC fault codes as per user selection
3900904  Integrate UDS DTC Faults reading for XCP and CLIP connection
3823883  Add support for new Open Module UI
3818136  Type A products should not perform subfile verify
3778171  adding convert a2l to cbf to cbf converter
3643444  Allow users to specify a file for MSNR parameters
3544060  Save and Restore Checkbox in Calterm needs to be split up for ECU MSNR vs. Tool MSNR
3721517  Changes axis in the table view is not updated by F6
3299094  Field Calterm subfile8 3D arrays cannot be edited
3998894  Fault component in Calterm does not display again after performing toggle security
3998771  Calterm Crashes After Cancelling Save Screen File Popup After Reflash
3986178  FC11138 does not show up in CALTERM fault code window
3774625  Calterm manual connection does not allow XML files to be selected for IP addresses
3721287  Calterm crashes when user tries to open the screenfile with table parameters
3685871 subfile verirfy report did not reflect the correct result
3604279  IDL does not stop successfully when stop mode is set to center or fill
3481292  Calterm 4  will not connect to 1998 Celect+ module


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