International DLC Fleet Programming Tool v1.33

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International DLC Fleet Programming Tool v1.33 (арт. 34357273)

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International DLC Fleet Programming Tool v1.33
The DLC Fleet Tool program allows dealers to change some parameters that are not normally dealer programmable.

These parameters are:
•Idle Shutdown Timer Mode (and time).
•Engine Warning and Protection.
•Some Service Interval parameters (Enable, Reset, Fuel, Hours, Miles and Service Soon %).

Note: Idle Shutdown cannot be turned off on vehicles equipped with 12WZC Emission Compliance Tamper-Proof Engine Shutdown System, Complies With California Clean Air Regulations.(ServiceMaxx parameter 7411 in most engines).
Note: Not all Engine Warning and Protection options are available on all engines.
Note: You cannot decrease the Engine Warning and Protection level with this tool. You can only increase it.
Note: The DLC Fleet Tool does not work with 2010 emissions compliant engines.

To run it change the year on 2013 on your PC

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