Cummins Inсal Unpacker /Repacker /Date Changer 2016 v4

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Cummings InKal Unpacker - Repacker - Date Changer 2016 v4 + Manual + Keygen:
- Inkal files (old and new): firmware files, *.CMP files.
- Incite WorkOrders files (intelectINCITEWorkOrders) (new).
2)RePack Inkal DVDs:
- New To Old - repacks New Inkal DVDs for use them with Incite 7.6.
- Old To New - repacks Old Inkal DVDs for use them with Incite 8.2 (new).
- Any To NoPass - delete passwords from all Inkal files (firmware files and *.CMP files) (new).
3)Change InKal DVD date.

Increased speed of files processing (new).
The tool does not freeze now when processing Inkal files (new).

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