BIN to HPT File Editor Converter v2.5

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BIN to HPT File Editor Converter v2.5 (ref. 467)

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1. For BIN to HPT need both files, original .HPT file that you read with the HP tuners and the .BIN file that you edited to convert back to the .HPT format.

2. Also you can convert HPT to BIN for editing.

3. Unlock the .HPT file that was locked by the previous tuner.

4. HPT copy. You can choose to copy calibration from one file to the other or copy vin and operating system to another file.

5. The software will tell you what the VCM-editor version, time of creation and when the file was used with hptuner.

6. The rest of the program is calculators air-fuel, ratio, hemi cam calculator and wrot rpm timing calculator.

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